Litigation and Trial Practice

Wright Schimmel are well-recognized and experienced civil trial and appellate attorneys working on behalf of individuals and businesses, plaintiffs and defendants. We effectively resolve our clients’ problems through litigation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. We have successfully litigated and tried cases in state and federal courts in Kansas and Missouri, as well as many other jurisdictions across the United States. Because litigation expense is always a concern, we strive to find the right fee arrangement for our clients and employ the use of hourly and contingency fees, and sometimes a combination of the two, to meet your goals.

Wright Schimmel has resolved disputes involving:

Antitrust Litigation: We protect consumers and businesses from conduct that harms competition, including monopolization, price-fixing, market allocation, and tying.

Banking Litigation: We represent banks and financial institutions regarding claims made against them and claims for recoveries arising out of alleged bank operations, failures, and fraud.

Car Dealership Litigation: We represent consumers and car dealers involving fraud and breach of contract claims.

Commercial Litigation: We litigate claims for individuals and commercial entities involving breach of fiduciary duty, business control disputes, business fraud, contract disputes, small business dissolution, and corporate litigation.

Construction Litigation: We assist clients in a wide variety of private and public construction disputes, including project owners, homeowners, general contractors, and subcontractors.

Consumer Protection Claims: We investigate and represent individuals and classes of consumers for claims involving unfair and deceptive acts or practices as well as false or misleading advertising.

Employment Litigation: We represent employers and employees regarding non-compete agreements, compensation disputes, harassment, and discrimination claims.

Environmental Accidents: We handle personal injury and property damage claims caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, including toxic mold, petroleum leaks, and other health hazards.

Insurance Bad Faith: We litigate claims against insurance companies that have acted in bad faith by not following their contractual and legal obligations.

Nursing Home Neglect: We prosecute claims for elderly clients and their families for elder abuse and injuries due to nursing home negligence.

Premises Liability: We handle cases involving injuries at places of business and occurring on property where the owner or occupants are legally responsible for those injuries.

Professional Liability: We investigate and litigate professional liability claims against doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals for compensation for personal injuries and economic losses.

Product and Medical Devise Liability: We represent individuals in cases involving injuries and damages caused by dangerous medical devices and other defective products.

Shareholder Derivative Litigation: We protect shareholder rights by holding corporate directors and officers accountable in shareholder derivative actions, which allow shareholders to redress harm to a corporation caused by management when it is unlikely management will redress the harm itself.

Transportation Injuries: We handle cases for individuals and families who have suffered injuries caused by negligent and reckless car and truck drivers and trucking companies.

Wrongful Death: We represent surviving family members in their recovery of damages for a loved one’s loss of life resulting from negligence, willful disregard for safety, or intentional conduct.

Whistleblower claims and False Claims Act (Qui Tam) Litigation: We prosecute cases for persons that report fraud, abuse, or malfeasance involved in government contracts and other violations of federal law, and assist them with their right to share in the financial rewards.

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